Grow Up Sales


The Challenge
Grow Up is a new business that wanted to launch its digital presence with unique digital branding that reflected their founder, Joe’s unique personality while clearly delivering information about him, his company, his services, and his various seminars to his potential clients.

The Solution
The biggest challenge was figuring out a design that would complement Joe’s unique personality as well as his current branding. Since I was given free reign to be as creative as I wanted to as long as it remained professional, I decided to go with an angled design as it not only gave the site a unique look that complimented Joe’s personality, it also added to the company theme of upward movement.

I was also able to be creative with the typography throughout the site that allowed me to create a very unique hierarchy as well as highlight various call-to-action elements and various quotes throughout the site.

Finally I chose a digital color palette that matched his current branding, but incorporated it throughout the site in creative ways that complemented and allowed the content to stand out as opposed to taking over the look of the site since his branding consisted of very strong color choices.


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