I Am Design Studios


The Challenge
I Am Design Studios is a newly formed design company that needed new digital branding on a tight budget. They wanted a customized WordPress template that fit their branding and presented a warm friendly atmosphere while delivering information about their product cleanly and efficiently.

The Solution
The most difficult part of this digital branding was modifying a WordPress template to match the company branding while making the site look like a custom design due to the limited budget. Because of these limitations, imagery, iconography, and typography played a very important part in the design process.

By overlaying images with an orange to yellow gradient this not only stayed within the company branding, it also helped to make the site feel warm and unique. I also chose to use a script font as a headline flair to help make keywords stand out while adding to the personable feeling I Am Design Studios wanted to maintain.

Finally, throughout the site there are clear information hierarchies as well as call-to-action elements that are designed to catch the user’s attention.


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