Precision Process Corporation


The Challenge
Precision Process Corporation is a fast growing machining company that wanted to refresh its digital branding in a bold modern way to coincide with their rapid growth. The old branding was dated and its content was scattered throughout the old website with little organization and difficult navigation.

The Solution
The first challenge was reorganizing the the information throughout so that the sitemap was simplified and the information was presented in a clean and precise manner. Once I knew where I the content was being placed, I was able to style it in ways that matched the bold look the client wanted.

PPC wanted to have the content fill the entire viewing area and after discussions about how this causes difficulty to the readability to the site we were able to compromise by placing the content within the wrapper while making each page’s unique sidebar “sticky” so that there would be no negative space other than the gutters.

The digital branding consisted of shades of the company’s blue as accents as well as light greys and whites throughout the site. Many images of PPC workers as well as the machines they use to create their products were used for complementary purposes as well.

As a side note I was only responsible for the design of this website as the development was done by another and I am not responsible for the mobile site as it does not match my design or standards.



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