Shur-Way Moving & Cartage


The Challenge
Shur-way Moving & Cartage established its digital branding years ago, due to many updates and additions, the navigation became confusing, the information scattered, and the design outdated. Additionally, they wanted to add informational pages about the numerous towns and cities in northern Illinois that needed to relay that information clearly while having a unique design.

The Solution
The biggest challenge with the digital rebranding was organizing the over 50 pages into a more logical sitemap and informational hierarchy. Once I completed the reorganization, I was able to eliminate out-dated pages as well as combine pages that had information overlap.

Shur-Way’s corporate branding includes a very distinctive logo that spreads across all aspects of their company from uniforms to trucks, so I incorporated that logo into the design as a way to add the company’s personality to their digital presence as well as to make the site stand out creatively from their competition. I also included clear call-to-action elements for important user interaction, as well as creating buttons with icons for the company’s services so the information on those pages can be easily found.

With this rebranding, Shur-Way also wanted to add Area pages that provide users information about the numerous towns they serve. This required a unique page design from the rest of the site that not only promoted the company but also clearly presented potentially important town information such as schools and utilities.


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