Team Bently Real Estate


The Challenge
The Bentley Team’s only digital presence was through a parent company portal that was generic and very difficult to navigate. They wanted digital branding that not only allowed them to promote only their listings, but also conveyed their personality as well as the personality of the Lake Geneva region.

The Solution
The only digital branding The Bentley Team had was a portal on their parent companies website that did not represent the company nor the atmosphere of the Lake Geneva region that The Bentley Team wanted to represent.

By using bright blues and greens, along with imagery highlighting the aspects of Lake Geneva that bring people to it, as well as a fun script font, I was able to replicate the atmosphere and feeling the client wanted for their digital branding.

The final challenge was to make sure that the listings for The Bentley Team were easy to find and displayed nicely using the established api from the parent company. This was accomplished through a mosaic gallery on the home page, multiple visible call-to-action elements, and custom CSS to overwrite the default styles of the api.


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