The Mill Creek Hotel


The Challenge
The Mill Creek Hotel needed a complete digital rebranding as their old branding was created out of necessity and not function, information was poorly placed, difficult to find, and they received minimal online booking requests.

The Solution
The digital rebranding of The Mill Creek Hotel began with a complete reorganization of the information presented on the old website, as well as identifying important information that needed to be highlighted such as services as well as making a clear call-to-action for their online booking that was not being utilized on the old branding.

With the reorganization of the information and the simplification of the navigation completed the next challenge was to visually represent the elegant and relaxing atmosphere of the hotel and the Lake geneva area. Because of the gold color of the established branding, I chose to use a pastel green as accent that not only compliments the gold but also provides a spring like feeling to the new digital branding.

By making multiple easy to see call-to-action elements to promote the online booking as well as refreshing the digital branding into a fun and more modern design, The Mill Creek Hotel’s online booking rose over 500% in the year since the launch.


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