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Audira Labs

Audira Labs outgrew their website and needed an update that would allow them to represent their personality better and showcase their unique coaching method.

The Challenge

Stephen coaches using music as a reference point, so he wanted to highlight that, but at the same time, since he works with many corporate companies, the website needed to maintain a clean, professional look.

The Solution

Showcasing Stephen’s unique coaching was the priority, and it helped separate him from the numerous other coaches. To accomplish that, we needed copy that showcased him, but more importantly, video and imagery that allowed the user to experience Stephen’s approach. By incorporating subtle design elements such as musical spectrographs, curves and angles between sections, and bright colors, the Audira website is very different from its competitors, just like they are.

The Results

The client is excited about their website, especially since they have received numerous compliments from their clients and peers. The business has also increased since the new website was launched.

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