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Kane Solar


  • Art Direction
  • Lead User Experience (UX) Designer
  • User Interface (UI) Designer
  • Developer


  • Sitemap
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • High-Fidelity Mockups
  • Develompment

Duration: 4 weeks
Tools: Photoshop, WordPress

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Kane Solar (formerly Garbo-Kane or GK Solar) is a Maine-based solar company that rebranded after its founder retired. The rebrand presented an opportunity to create a modern website that would not only promote the company, but also provide information about solar energy.

The Garbo-Kane website, built awhile ago, not only did not align with the rebrand and new ownership, it was not able to provide a good user experience as it did not have the information people wanted nor was it responsive.

To create a responsive website that aligns with the new branding and ownership while providing a good user experience.

Personas / User Journey

Phase one of this project was to establish a footprint, so we did not create personas or user journeys.

Visual Design

We were given a branding guide, but I also wanted to produce a website that was warm, inviting, and bright, with a strong focus on solar power. I wanted users to feel that Kane Solar are the solar panel experts, so I used clean, dynamic imagery, angled lines to create a sense of movement, and callouts to highlight key information.

The goal of this initial phase was to establish a digital footprint for the new ownership that would allow them to market and build trust. Once established, a phase two would allow us to explore personas and user journeys, allowing us to eventually build a better user experience.

Wireframing / UX

Collaborating with my team and the client, I developed a sitemap and low-fidelity wireframes to ensure that we were aligned regarding the informational hierarchy and key talking points. Upon approval, I created high-fidelity mock-ups of all five pages. The primary user experience goal for this phase was to make it easy for users to contact the company, so we focused on making the about us, blog, and projects sections easily accessible so users would want to contact the company.

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I built the website in WordPress utilizing the WP Bakery CMS.


In order to get a rebranded website in the market as soon as possible, we were able to set the design language of the website and launch with the minimum in order to get the information out there. There are still opportunities to take a good website and make it amazing. In order to accomplish this I would:

  • Identify and create personas of users for the website
  • Upon identifying the personas, create user journey paths that will satisfy the needs and result in a conversion.
  • The personas will also help drive what content needs to be added to both the website as well as the blog.
  • With time in the market, conduct surveys and interviews, analyze user data, and use that information to identify and solve friction points.