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National Beef Digital Branding

National Beef has special programs they call Value-Added. These programs are unique as each one has its own individual branding to set it apart. Initially, the branding of these programs was only represented on the website through a color change of the headers and buttons. Still, as the focus on the website increased, we began to incorporate more of the brands’ personalities into their pages. By using brand fonts, branded imagery, and design elements and colors, these pages now reflect their brand personality.

The Challenge

Create UI designs that represent each brand’s personality while still fitting into the overall branding of the National Beef website and maintaining a positive user experience, all while utilizing the developed components without creating new ones to achieve this goal.

The Solution

When we designed our components, we made sure to incorporate flexibility in the functionality of them, which allowed us to easily integrate various branding elements such as fonts, colors, and imagery.

The Results

The client has been extremely pleased with these pages as they represent each program’s branding and have aided their teams to promote these programs to their customers with ease and increase sales.

Goodness Grazecious
As a new grass-fed organic program, Goodness Grazecious’ branding is playful and out of the box, and because of this, I was able to have a lot of fun bringing this program to life. I incorporated the typography with the slight angles and the flourishes on the headlines, and the illustrated imagery of the brand complimented this typographic treatment.

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Hyplains is a new brand launched to target the higher-end food service with higher quality beef. The branding needed to represent this exclusivity, and by utilizing script fonts with flourishes and gold accents, these extra touches allowed the brand to stand out. The imagery compliments this with subtle black and white background imagery, allowing the colorful videos to pop and the white marble allowing the red beef to be spotlighted.

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Variety Meats
Variety meats are the sections of a steer that aren’t very glamorous such as tripe, tongue, and liver. Because the subject matter may not be overly appealing to most users, the branding needed to show these items attractively. As these cuts are being used to create unique dishes in many high-end restaurants, we wanted to showcase the appeal of these dishes with photography while complimenting them with subtle textures and typography as a design element.

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