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National Beef Prospecting Campaign

After years of producing banner ads, National Beef shifted to target specific companies instead of mass targeting. With this shift in strategy, we had to develop a campaign and user journeys that allowed us to provide new information to users from initial targeting to retargeting.

The Challenge

This new direction had me developing a user journey chart to help the client understand the path we wanted the user to take when clicking on the initial and retargeted ads. We also had to create the campaign messaging as well as design the landing pages and subsequential ads.

The Solution

By creating a user journey map and discussing with the client, we were able to get the client to approve the implementation of RollWorks. With approval, we ideated and created a concept of partnership counts with three different categories representing the pillars of National Beef’s business. Working with a partner agency, they set up the retargeting while we provided the creative for the banner ads as well as developing the landing pages.

The Results

With the targeted ads, user click-through percentage more than doubled. The client was pleased and as the campaign continued, we adjusted the targeting list by removing parties that were not interacting with the ads and adding new companies. The information we received also allowed the client to notify their sales team so they could reach out to potential clients and increase sales.

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