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Palmate is a new company that went through a complete rebranding to position themselves as experts of CBD production and needed to refresh and expand their website to match their refreshed look.

The Challenge

As a sage persona, the Palmate website needed to maintain a clean and professional website that showcased that they are the experts in CBD while allowing visitors to reach out and contact them for their various services quickly.

The Solution

New video and photography allowed me to create a digital presence that gave Palmate a more prominent and more professional presence that fully represented their new branding. Subtle design elements such as animations, photo treatments and full-screen scrolling also helped set the Palmate website apart from its competitors.

To help with conversions, I set up user journeys to unique contact forms representing different services they offered and incorporated their forms into their Hub-Spot CRM.

The Results

The client is very satisfied with the website and it has garnered increased traffic from their previous branding. They currently receive multiple contacts per week from the website, which has helped continue to build their relationships and revenue.

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