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  • Art Direction
  • Lead User Experience (UX) Designer
  • User Interface (UI) Designer
  • Developer


  • Sitemap
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • High-Fidelity Mockups and Prototypes
  • Develompment

Duration: 12 weeks
Tools: Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, CSS

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My agency created a full branding overhaul for Palmate, a B2B CBD company. The work included a new logo, print materials, and a website.

As a newcomer to the CBD market, Palmate wanted to enter the field with this rebrand as the CBD experts. They needed a website that presented them as experts, with the necessary information and look that reflected that expertise. The website also needed to provide simple and efficient ways for interested parties to contact sales.

Develop a stylish and user-friendly website that provides a great overall user experience, while positioning Palmate as the CBD experts in the B2B field.

Personas / User Journey

The Palmate website was unfortunately constrained by a limited budget and a short timeframe, so we were unable to fully develop user personas. However, we were able to identify the three primary personas at a high level:

  • Buyers of Products
  • Companies Inquiring About the State-of-the-Art Lab
  • Prospective Clients of Both

Due to the tight budget and timeframe, I was only able to create simple user journeys. Users who visited the services page were directed to a lab-centric contact form, users who visited the product pages were directed to a product-centric form, and we had a catch-all contact form that covered both.

In addition, I created a simple user journey for the main marketing campaign that allowed users to either fill out a separate form for a whitepaper or explore the main website.

NatuEra needed an e-commerce website that not only made it easy to purchase their products, but also served as an educational tool

Visual Design

Palmateā€™s branding centered on the Sage archetype, a character type that represents knowledge and wisdom, and we needed to ensure that this came through with the design language, copy, and photography. I based the digital visual design on the main company branding guide and incorporated clean design with ample whitespace, simple bold iconography, and clean san-serif typography.

Wireframing / UX

Being a small website, and knowing the budget and timing limitations, I used the high-level personas and user journey to create low-fidelity wireframes that aligned to the main talking points the copywriter had discussed with the client, as well as a functionality write-up.

Upon approval, I moved into designing the high-fidelity mockups where I created the icons used throughout the design, added stylization to the photos, aligned on where to incorporate video, and refined the overall visual design.


Using WordPress and Visual Composer as the CMS, I sliced and built the approved designs. This phase also allowed me to begin incorporating subtle design elements, such as animations and the full-screen scrolling effect used on the homepage.


In order to get a rebranded website in the market as soon as possible, we were able to set the design language of the website and launch with the minimum in order to get the information out there. There are numerous opportunities to take a good website and make it amazing. In order to accomplish this I would:

  • Identify and create personas of users for the website
  • Upon identifying the personas, create user journey paths that will satisfy the needs and result in a conversion.
  • The personas will also help drive what content needs to be added to both the website as well as the blog.
  • With time in the market, conduct surveys and interviews, analyze user data, and use that information to identify and solve friction points.